Seaside, FL

I got to go to Florida this week with my fiances family. Here are some shots from the week.                                         



I’ve been thinking about a capsule wardrobe for little while now. At first I was 100% convinced there was no way I could do it. 37 items of clothing to wear for 3 months!? NO shopping for THEEE MONTHS!? I’m telling you, if ever there was a challenge of what I shouldn’t do, this was it. But hearing about it sparked my interest and I decided to try my best to at least minimize my wardrobe. 

4 bags of clothes later I have 40 articles of clothing in my wardrobe. I’ve narrowed it down to the things I know I love wearing. Even the things in my wardrobe that I thought were super cute, if I didn’t wear them, they were out. It was very hard to say goodbye to all that, well, clutter. Once I did though, I felt an imediate sense of relief. Not only do I have a ton more storage and organization, I feel less wasteful. I love my wardrobe now and I love how everything makes me feel when I wear it. It also is such a joy to get ready in the morning because I know that no matter what I choose to wear for the day, I will feel confident. Another plus, it gives me a push to be more creative with my outfits by mixing and matching different stuff! 

Truly, just doing this for a couple of days has given me a new perspective. I want to minimize everything about my life now! 

I’m still in the beginning stages of the experiment and I have a lot to learn but I would recommend trying this to everyone! Invest in good pieces of clothing that you will wear for a long time, instead of buying cheap things you will only wear once or twice. I do feel that I’ve developed my style to something that will stand the test of time, so I’m looking forward to building a wardrobe that is classic and effortless. 

A blog that has really helped me is Check her out!  



Life is a challenge – meet it.
Life is a gift – accept it.
Life is an adventure – dare it.
Life is a sorrow – overcome it.
2015-04-25_0001 2015-04-25_0002Life is a tragedy – face it.

Life is a duty – perform it.

Life is a game – play it.2015-04-25_0003 2015-04-25_0004

Life is a mystery – unfold it.
Life is a song – sing it.
Life is an opportunity – take it.
2015-04-25_0005 2015-04-25_0006 Life is a love – embrace it.
Life is a beauty – praise it.
Life is a spirit – release it.

2015-04-25_0007 2015-04-25_0008 2015-04-25_0009 2015-04-25_0010 2015-04-25_0011

Life is a struggle – fight it.
Life is a puzzle – solve it.
Life is a goal – achieve it.

Kat Mercado

Happy Easter

Feeling blessed by spring and the sheep. Isn’t the sunset the most lovely time during the spring? Today I am celebrating a beautiful time where we get to remember our victory. We are not bound to death but are risen with Christ in life eternal. Today I get to remember that Jesus conquered all. Spring is here…a new season of beauty has emerged from the frost. Here is to freedom, grace, & fresh perspectives.
2015-03-31_0001 2015-03-31_0002

2015-03-31_00082015-03-31_0003 2015-03-31_0004 2015-03-31_0005 2015-03-31_0006 2015-03-31_0007